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Rabu, 21 November 2012

Download Gratis Software Solidworks 2012 + Activator x86/x64

Solidworks 2012 software as the 20 th edition of the software development, industrial design is a huge range of activities is included and helps you to design faster, easier and better to have. Automatic operation that exists in this version, allows you to work to get more professional design. These new properties in your product development, accelerating production design, while a range of communication tools to work around the world increases. Solidworks 2012 software designed to make your job offers.

SlidWorks 2012 popular and powerful software for industrial design is well-known specialists and experts. Create geometric bodies, curves, creating a plan with the page offset, creating a new coordinate system, spiral curves, gradients and levels of giving to the symmetry of three-dimensional objects, rotate around an axis profiles and ... Featuring all the software requirements. Authorities and create geometric curves, creating a plan with a page offset, creating a new coordinate system, creating a spiral curve, giving the surface slope, symmetric three-dimensional objects, rotate around an axis profiles. You can now take this software for the first time among Iranian websites for free and get download link from the website.

| 32-bit and 64-bit version with 10 GB size, fully and shaggy |

The software side software such as Cosmos-SolidCAM-Geartrax Zayed and ... that they can also be used for machining and or parts for analysis. In addition, solid works software, connectivity and analytical software such as: Fluenr, Ansys and also has. This software is available to students and engineers, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, industrial and ... is drawing. Despite the simplicity and ease of use of this software is capable salient in the field of design.

Note: From now on, zip with a 5% by volume of more than 100 MB are recovered. This feature makes it so difficult to extract files, absolutely zero. To use this feature, if you download the file and extract the problem encountered, the software Winrar to run, where you can download the compressed files, and all take part and select the Repair option Press the upper part of the software is available. Then select the appropriate local storage for it. After work, go to where you chose to store and extract files to do with it.

--32 bit--