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Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Download Gratis Software Buzan's iMindMap 5.5 for PC

Buzan's iMindMap

A Mind Map is a diagram used to represent ideas, tasks, thoughts and words that are linked to and arranged around a central idea. They are a visual way of structuring and organising information that literally “map” out your thoughts using association, connections and triggers to stimulate more ideas.

Mind Maps generate, visualise, structure, and classify ideas, and are used to organise information, solve problems, make decisions, brainstorm, present, project manage, as study support, aid and structure writing, memorise information...basically Mind Maps can be used for ANY thinking task!

Far more effective than traditional linear methods for capturing and presenting information, Mind Mapping is quicker, easier and, as the generative process of replicates the way we radiantly thinks, it makes your brain work better.  

A refreshingly easy, different and practical way to think and work, our Mind Mapping software from the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, will make you more creative and more efficient. For everything from studying to presenting to project management, you can do it all beautifully, and in one place, with iMindMap.

Blending a process already used by over 250 million people, with cutting edge technology and our signature intuitive and flexible style, the iMindMap software gives you the freedom to create and present ideas in your own unique way, unrestricted by the limits of your usual tools.