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Jumat, 27 April 2012

Download gratis Aplikasi Android Overclock v2.3.7 Full For Android



Android Overclock was mentioned on CNN Tech as an app to improve the performance of your device. It has also been featured on and other popular Android sites.Android Overclock makes your device blazing fast and can save your battery life! It also allows you to set custom profiles so you have full control over your devices performance. Control cpu with profiles for charging, time, temperature, battery, screen on/off and more! What sets Android Overclock apart from other similar apps is that it has all the functionality of these apps plus more features. It also looks extremely sexy!
=========== Features: ===========
☆ Change cpu scaling settings (i.e. setcpu) ☆ Set cpu profiles with Screen off, battery percentage, temperature, screen on, charging usb, charging ac, changing/full. ☆ Gorgeous widgets with battery temp & cpu info ☆ increase speeds (overclock) or save battery life (underclock) ☆ Select scaling frequencies on the fly for supported phones ☆ Full overclock customization (set freq. and @ boot) ☆ Sexy and customizable UI ☆ Temperature notification options ☆ Voltage calculator ☆ Advanced settings (sysctl config, sampling rate, up threshold, other kernel tweaks)
** Extras for all devices:**
☆ Froyo apps2sd ☆ Ad blocker ☆ Free memory ☆ Build Property edits ☆ clear cache ☆ reboot, hot reboot, recovery, power-down ☆ lcd density, wifi scan interval, other build.props and more +++
Devices listed below can use an overclocking module to overclock from within the app. Other devices can flash custom kernels to overclock. ( Droid X, Droid 2, Original Droid, Milestone, Milestone2, Flipout, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy A, Archos A70 Tablet, Archos A101 Tablet). Note: Original Droid users must have the stock 4 slot kernel for the module to work. Support for more kernels may come later. tags: droid, overclock, root, underclock, jrummy, xeudoxus, lcd density, cache, setcpu, cpu, rom, manager, widget, ad block, apps2sd, build.prop, memory, battery life, profiles, cpu manager, speed, fast, quick, clock, antutu cpu master, cpu tuner, cpu spy, no frills cpu, juice defender, tasker, tools, rom toolbox