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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

Tips Trick dan Cara Kirim lagu di Iphone dengan celeste bluetooth

Most of you already know that Celeste do not work on iOS 4.3.x due to Action Menu dependency on iOS 4.2.1. Even if you install unofficial Action Menu for iOS 4.3.1 from xSellize, BiteYourApple or iPhone3GSystem repo, you will still not be able to send songs from your stock iPod app. Thanks to Gunkaar for sharing this cool workaround which allows you to share your iPod music with your friends until Action Menu officially gets updated to support this feature on iOS 4.3.x.

iPhone Stock iPod App
If you are on iOS 4.3.1, install Celeste on your iDevice by using this guide and if you are on iOS 4.3.2, use this guide. iPhone 4/3GS users on iOS 4.3.3 can use this guide to install Celeste without messing with the filesystem of their iDevice. Once your have installed Celeste, open Cydia and install the following two packages:
  • iFile 1.5.0-1 or above from BigBoss repo.
  • iFile 1.5.0-4
  • myTunes v0.2 or above from BigBoss repo.
  • myTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
  • Open iFile app and navigate to the following location:
  • /var/mobile/Media/myTunes
  • Tap on Edit button on the top-right and select the song which you want to send.
  • iPod Songs in iFile
  • Tap on the Bluetooth icon at the bottom and select via Celeste from the pop-up menu.
  • Celeste Searching Devices
  • Note that to send anything from your iDevice using Celeste, you must pair your iDevice with the other node.
  • Celeste Sending File
  • As far as receiving of a song is concerned, Celeste is well-capable of adding the received music file directly to your iPod app by using Gremlin. Whenever you receive any media file, you will notice "G" icon in the status-bar of your iDevice. The "G" represents Gremlin and this icon stays in your status-bar until the received file is added to your iPod library.